Saturday, April 21, 2012

Non Anthro Purchases!

Happy weekend! It's super hot in CA! I can't believe I needed jacket last week and now all I need is a cami and shorts! What do I do with the Constructed Swing Jacket that I ordered on Tuesday..

Constructed Swing Jacket

Well, there is couple more things that I bought this week. I found this gorgeous dress by one of Anthro's brand, Darling on Hautlook the other day! There were couple more things I wanted but they went sold out before I got my hand on them.. It's probably good because I need to save $$ for Anthro Tag sale and my b day discount in May!

Eva Dress by Darling

Another purchase was from Saks 5th Avenue Outlet.
I've wanted color denims these days. I missed out Anthro's AG's and by the time they went on sale, I wasn't interested in that trend.

Anyways, I found a pair of beautiful pink washed pink denims that fit me perfect!

And bought two pairs of Chloe sunglasses for this summer!!


  1. well, the swing jacket will look great with that darling Darling dress, if you ever have a slight cooling of temps!

    Great jeans- the fit is wonderful and they look so cute with those shoes!

    1. sweet! I could wear them together! I don't know how long it takes for Houtlook to ship things out, though.. They had Eva Franco and Miss L Fire sales the other day too!

  2. Ohhh.... I love your new Sunnies! So excited for Summer!