Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I receive the dress! and it fit me perfectly!! LOve it sooooo mucH!!

Oh, did I tell you that I won the dress?? HE HE HE!!

Here is how I look in it!!

I had hard time styling it. I think I am gonna wear this dress for my husband's cousin's wedding in September!

Last night, I ordered bunch from the sale! I just had to place order right away because my daughter kept calling  me and was about to cry.. I didn't have time to look back, and didn't want to have the "oh I should have gotten it" feeling. so I just clicked "Submit Order"....
I will probably be returning some of the items next week. Plus, my birthday is coming next month!

Then went to my local Anthro in the morning while my daughter was asleep and took bunch of photos of the store! (Before

I found the Standby Ode Chamise in my size in the sale room and brought it home with me :)


  1. That red dress is so pretty! Where did you win it? I really like that standby chemise--I don't remember ever seeing it!

    1. ebay!! It was NWT! I'm so happy that I won! It's actually orange!
      The chemise was sold out before it hit on sale(last week?), I think! So cozy and love the fabric! It's TTS!

  2. I am so in love with that dress! Love it.