Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orla Kiery Scarf

Happy Sunday!!
I just finished organizing shoe closet! Since summer is here, or almost here, I needed to take the sandals out and put the boots in the boxes!

Well, if you are following my blog for couple months, you know I was in Japan and went crazy on Orla Kiery Scarves that were sold at UNIQLO.

I did buy too many of them. Almost all color ways.

So, here, I am wondering if any of you want to buy these beautiful scarves off me!
I paid 990yen each which means about $12.50 plus shipping fee ($4 for US, not sure how much for international yet, but we'll see)

Please leave comment or send me email at keiko.week(at)gmail(dot)com

Available colors and patterns:  They are all New!

Red Sold

Light Green

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  1. so cute, I just love her prints! And welcome back.