Monday, May 7, 2012

Hand-Crocheted Mini Dress

Well, the dress is just gorgeous, and I wanted to know what to wear under it, and I know many of you who has the dress are thinking the same thing!
Here, I tried bunch of different dresses and belts!

With Kindred Chemise
I think this works well like the chemise I had on yesterday and the thin belt like this is cute with the dress!

With Layers of Lovely Cover-Up
Personally, I like this pair a lot. I like the strings on the shoulder and the dark navy made the crochet pop up!
And I think this belt matches with this dress well more than any other belts I have!

With Chantilly Chemise
Meh.. I like the color but it's little too puffy!

Maybe this belt works better than the other?

With Stormy Seas Chemise
I like this chemise itself, but not under something.
The ruffles are too cute to hide, and it'll just puff up the bottom!
And the belt, I don't like it. I'd like to keep the vintage look of the crochet!

 Maybe this belt works better than vivid red!

With Study of Shapes Dress
I like the halter neck under the dress, but the length, NOPE.

With Odille chemise (ebay purchase)
This works but not with this belt..

With Brume Chemise
This works as well, but it's little too dull for me.

I think it will work with any light dress/chemise that has A line skirt. Belt can be thin or wide.
I like the darker color under it because it'll make the beautiful crochet more visible.

I was wondering... does it have to be a dress??
Guess not! Simple tank and a skirt would do well, too!!

But I like yesterday's pair is the best!!
With Early Birth Chemise

This Hand-Crocheted Mini Dress... is just amazing!!!

I am 5'8" tall 124lb and wearing size Small.

Ooh, btw.. my legs aren't this skinny.. I think the mirror has something to do with it! lol


  1. Thanks for all the ideas! This is such a lovely dress.

  2. Such a fun & pretty versatile dress!! I think my favorite one is the last dress too....but the red belt looks cute too!!

  3. I have and LOVE this dress too. Believe it or not, my favorite pairing of yours was with the Study of Shapes Dress. I tried mine on with my mint green Verdant Slipdress & it is too cute with it. I am still playing around with my dress to find more ideas. I can't say it enough how much I LOVE this dress. Thanks for sharing your ideas!! :)

  4. you look so cute in this. i ordered it way too big and sent it back, but i wish it had worked out. i was hoping to wear it all kinds of ways like this!


    Hi Keiko,
    Love your pairing! The dress looks so cute on you. After reading your post, I was curious if I can find myself that the same mini dress on ebay, and guess what I saw (Click on the link above and scroll down to the item description and you will see )? Your picture was used by the eBay seller! That’s not right. I hate ppl stealing blog pictures. 

    1. wow, thats me! lol Thank you for letting me know!
      I saw someone else using some other photo of me before but I don'y know what to say.. and I just waited for the auction to
      I'm jusy glad I don't have my face on it..
      (sorry for the late reply. I've been sick ><)

  6. Aww, you are welcome and hope you will get better soon!