Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recent Creation (for myself)

Lately, I was into jewelry making! I mean REALLY into!
I mainly wanted to make some bracelet to match my new red shoes. I ended up making more than that! 
Plus, I re-arranged old jewelry that I had in my closet but never really used into something I'd wear.  

I saw a necklace just like this at Ruche and I happened to have the parts in my jewel making box, so why not make it??

 This was purchased at H&M couple years ago, I took some beads and chains off.

 I found this 1950's vintage pendant charm the other day, broke Forever 21 cheap looking long pearl necklace into this!

 These two were also F21 long necklace I bought couple years ago. I don't really wear long necklace, so I made it short and have more volume!

 Just a simple pearl ball necklace.

 I had these parts in the box, so I made up some earrings. :)

 These two bracelets are great for the summer!

 This bracelet was the main thing I wanted to make. I had two extra red turquoise, so I tried to make earrings but ended up making this necklace.

 I'm not forgetting anklets. These will be cute on my ankle :)

I just fell in love with the stones in beads store. 

And now, these are what I want to buy from Anthropologie!!

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  1. I love your new creations, especially the first one!