Friday, June 22, 2012


Happy Friday ladies! I have been enjoying this new therapy. I thought retail therapy is the only one worked for me, but there was another one!!

The Volcano!!!!!!

This candle smell like Anthropologie... lol

Well, I haven't tried other ones yet but I am really satisfied I got this. And this last looooooooong time!

I love love love love this!

Since I am relaxed and being very happy these days.. I am offering 30%OFF everything in my etsy shop :)

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It will end sometime...

What do you do to make yourself relaxed???

I was watching the new Pretty Little Liars the other day and I saw some Anthro pieces..

I bought this Scalloped Strings Tank in olive and navy a while ago. They have more in other color ways available online still!! For $20!!

When I saw the Fresh Cut Skirt on the show, I remembered my local store still had some a while ago. I remember I had it in my hand, then put it back...  After seeing Aria wearing it, I wanted to have it!! It looks much cuter on!! and love the color actually!!

The next morning, I went to the store.. and they still had 0 and 4. I am usually 2, but 0 fit me perfect, so I brought it home!! YAY!

I didn't realize Anthropologie is pretty popular on TVs!!
The Girls had some dresses on the other day as well!! And of course, Glee.. (is the show already over??)

I don't know why but it makes me feel more special when I own pieces that seen on TV...

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  1. Such cute items! I love when I see someone on a TV show wear something I've seen in stores :D