Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hello!! I am not sure if anyone is still reading this blog..
I've been away so long..

My daughter is starting preschool from September, and I am preparing things she needs for her school!

I took some break from Anthropologie as well. I didn't buy much through this round Tag Sale. Although.. I bought some.. because they were great deal!

Let's start with my recent outfits!!

Most of the items are from Anthropologie. I have filled my closet with their beauty and I am very satisfied right now!! I wish.. 

Next, is recent purchases!!

From Online Popbacks, Store Sales, EA trade market.. I guess.. I didn't really take a break from Anthro, did I...??

These are some items from other stores!

From Ruche
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit from the new catalog!!
I almost bought the whole outfit..

I hope the color is as beautiful as it looks in the catalog.. I will receive it in couple days in the mail!

From Urban Outfitters

I bought a pair of booties and funky sunglasses for my niece's  birthday, and I grabbed this for myself from sale room!

From local mall

I was out with my family, and found these on great deal. Had my husband buy them! :D

From Nordstrom

I've been eyeing on these wedge forever!!
And as you know, Nordstrom had their half year sale, and these shoes got second cuts the other day!!!

Last, OOTD!!

Dress&Cardi&Shoes: ANthropologie
Jewlries&Belt: Vintage

I hope to come back to blogging, but can't promise!  I will try my best, though!!


  1. Great OOTDs! I love those Chie's with socks!

  2. Is the dress in your last OOTD the Sweet Enticement Dress? If it is, you look awesome in it! I tried it on in my usual size and one size down and both were a bit too big and made me look dumpy. On you it looks super!!!

    1. Thank you!! it's the Sweet Enticement Dress :) I am wearing my usual size 2 and they fit TTS to me. I bought it online when it came out. :):)