Monday, August 13, 2012

Dress for Wedding Party

Hello! It's been a while again, and I can not promise I will be back soon, but there is something I wanted to share with my Anthro-love friends :)

So, I am invited to a wedding party in September. I am actually not going to the wedding itself since it's at night and no kids allowed. I have to stay home with my daughter. But the day before wedding, they are having a family party, and I am going there!

I have so many BEAUTIFUL dresses that I never ever get to wear. I adore them so much that I am happy to just look at them in my closet.

Finally, I get to wear one of them!!!! With my favorite shoes!!! And jewelry!!

Here is what I came up with.

I'd take a photo of myself in it (Yes, I had own fashion show in front of mirror ) but unfortunately, my camera is broken.. Hopefully, it'll be back before wedding..

I love everything in this photo. Especially the new ring I bought from Nordstrom!
Remember their anniversary sale? They sent out email with gift cards?? Guess what! I had $100 in my gift card!!

I wasn't sure what I wanted that day, but I was so happy that I had to spend it on the day. And I wanted to buy something I normally wouldn't buy with my own money. Well, I bought a pair of Tom's for my daughter, and found this cute orange statement ring. (It was expensive but it's free for me, you know!)

And this Anna Sui dress is soooo pretty!! I didn't know about this dress until my friend in Japan asked me to get it for her. I tried it on when I received it in the mail, and fell in love. Thanks to my friend, I had to buy one for myself!

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  1. The Anna Sui Dress is gorgeous Keiko chan!! I actually saw one at my local store and tried it but it didn't work for me :( But I can totally see you wearing it!! I can't wait to see pictures....Love the shoes too!!