Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I just couldn't keep it to myself! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this skirt I bought yesterday!!!

If you haven't... GO GET IT!!!!!!!!

Sweater: Dog Rose Pullover (2011)
Poncho: Cabled Cocoon Poncho (2011)
Boots: Belt Loop Cowboy Boots by Frye (2011)

I just love the pattern! and the color! and the length!!!!!! This is PERFECT!! I find it TTS for me. :) I have two mustard velvet skirts from Anthropologie, so I wasn't sure if I needed another one. But this, I have NO regret!!

There is another outfit that I want to share today!

Dress: Pieced Column Dress sold out
Scarf: Iznik Larks Scarf sold out
Boots: Claret Bow Boots (2011)
Ring: Nordstrom

I have been wanting to own gray version of Pieced Column Dress for a looong time. When I went to my local Anthropologie yesterday, I found one!!!!!! in brown!!! WOW, I might love this color more than gray!!
I am sooooo happy!!
When I am wearing this, I feel like.. "hey, check out my nice butt!" lol
My husband hasn't seen this yet, so hee hee, I am gonna surprise him later!! <3

Oh oh, and I have to share my lunch box from last week!

Apple bunnies!!


  1. Keiko,
    The velvet skirt looks amazing on you! I didn't get it since I am not tall (5'4), fearing it will be too long for me. Now, I am inspired to get it. What size your skirt? Did you get it in petite size? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Julia! I got my normal size 2! I am 5'7", so normal sizing fits me better.
      I think- if you go one size down and wear it high waisted, it'll be shorter?? I love retro look, so this skirt was a hit for me!!
      Good luck!!

  2. That skirt is gorgeous! I love it with the Dog Rose pullover. You really lucked out finding that dress! It looks great.

    I will say it again - can you please come pack my lunch every day??? I am super impressed.

    1. Kristin- yeah!! I was super excited when I found the dress!! I gave up on that one... I can't believe how lucky I am!

      If I didn't have to wake up early, I'd make you your lunch every day!! haha! Waking up early is the hardest part for me!! ><

  3. お弁当相変わらず手が込んでいてすごーい!!

    1. ありがとう~! このスカート、オンラインリリースされたときに一目ぼれだったの! でも、この色他にもあるからまよったけど、かってよかった~!

  4. Keiko, I visit your blog often. Love the skirt. Must say something this time. LOL. You look great in the column dress. Your husband will be pleased ;-) You know you have a killer figure. I have the poncho and still haven't worn it yet. Now I am inspired to wear it. I love it but find it hard to wear cuz it's kinda clumsy where the armholes are. But I just love it. I'm also only 5 ft 3. boohoo..... Love the lunch box.

    1. he he, thank you! I was actually going to sell this poncho, but after trying it on again with this outfit, I'm definitely keeping it!
      It's Thursday today. It means another lunch box!!