Saturday, November 10, 2012

Anthro reviews!!

YAY it's Friday!!  I was able to go to my local Anthro after sending my daughter to school.


I just checked website and found this November No.2 Catalog!!

Love this model shot!!


After reading Roxy's blog, I reeeeeeally really needed to try these chemises on!!

I tried on my regular size Small, and it fits TTS for me. It's really light, soft and comfy! The details are so feminine and lovely! It's loose fitting, you could go down a size if you like.

I tried Small on this as well, and I feel it's TTS for me. The pattern on the skirt is so cute!

But... nah...

Anthro didn't just put them in "Lounge" for no reason. They are chemises. I was disappointed because I thought I could wear them as dresses! They look cute, but they are so light weight and thin that I could only wear them in the house.

It'd be so lovely to sleep in those chemises, though. If I was single, or newly married, or have more "romance "going on with my husband, I'd wear them, but for now, not. lol

Maybe I'd consider buying them in 2nd cut, if I ever find them in that price! I'd spend my $$ on boots instead!! (I love shoes, especially boots!!)

Now, onto the popular Morning Birds Sweatercoat $198!

I personally like the last year's Dressage Sweatercoat better. The horses + black.

Dressage Sweatercoat

I know it was popular coat, and I saw this coat selling over $300 on ebay last year, but I did not understand why it was so popular.
Seems like everyone's talking about this new version right now, and I was surprised it's actually only $198!
Was the Dressage Sweatercoat $198 too? or it was more expensive??

Anyways, I tried it on...

I am wearing size Small, fit TTS,

It was soooo cozy!! I am not big fan of the pattern, but it's really comfy! Not itchy at all! I like it untied. 

I loved it when I was trying it on, but now that I am looking at my photos at home, it doesn't look that cute. It looks like I am wearing a bath robe.  I showed the picture to my husband hoping he'd agree buying it, but he just said "ugly"....


I need to try it again before I buy it!!!!

Phew! This post is getting long! 
I have some more reviews but I will post it next time!

Here is this weeks lunches and OOTD!


Cardigan : Eddie Bauer 
Skirt : Anthropologie
Boots : Miss Albright
Top : Uniqlo (Heat Tech Tee)

 Have a nice weekend!!

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  1. I'm with you about the sweatercoat. Everyone seems to love it, but it looks big and bulky to me, like wearing a blanket. Definitely good for comfort, but not so much for fashion, plus it seems to add pounds.(not on you though; you can pull it off!) I don't. get. it.

    1. I REALLY loved it when I was trying it on, though!!It is really comfy. I almost bought it..
      Maybe was that because the "hey it's popular, should get it before it's too late" magic???

  2. The agnes dot chemise is lovely- though I can't imagine sleeping in it!

    1. yeah, the thing about Anthro's chemise.. They are so adorable and can almost wear as dress. Maybe if I were younger..
      I can't imagine wearing it to bed either, but on staying-home days, I can imagine wearing it and having a cup of tea! <3

  3. Hi Keiko chan!! I bought the Dressage Sweater Coat last year and yes, it was $198. But I was able to get a PA during the Thanksgiving sweater sale, so I guess I was lucky!! I personally feel that the material was softer last year. The coat is so comfy and I wore it A LOT ! 前を留められないけど、すごく着心地が良かったのでかなり重宝したよ。試着したドレス、この間アンソロで見たけど、生地がドレスにするにはちょっと薄いよね、、、夏のワンピならまだ良いけど冬はちょっと寒そう(笑)柄はかわいいから残念だわ!ヒートテック良いよね!!こっちも昨日からすごく寒くて、初ストーブを付けているよ〜

    1. I like the horse version better!!
      I started to think, maybe if I tried on XS, it'd look better??
      I'll try it on again tomorrow!!

  4. Great reviews! Thank you!!