Saturday, November 3, 2012


The other day, my husband was expecting a package, and he saw a UPS guy walking toward our place, so he said to him
"hey, I think you have a package for me".
then the guy said...
"Oh, I got more than one!. Your wife's been really busy!"

I've been... getting packages everyday since the last huge order that I made.

I am happy that I didn't get cancellation but they ship almost everything separately. and my husband has no idea how the things work with Anthropologie.



It's been cooler and I have been cleaning my closet! And I was happy to find one of my favorite maxi. I have this dress in both color way! After wearing them for a season, they started to pill. It is so unfortunate! They are beautiful and such an eye catching dress! I hope they will have something similar in better fabric!

Fractal Medallion Maxi (2011)
Elm Belt (2011)

I have a review I could share today!

This dress is pretty. I am wearing my normal size S

I just don't love the cut in the back...

Still not sure if I wanna keep it.. should I??


This week's lunch!

My daughter doesn't like eggs that much.. but she'd eat it if there is cheese in it! So what I did was made some cheesy eggs and put them in the boiled egg shape and made a heart! I even put a carrot in the middle!
And what I did in the rice here.. one is mixed with pickled plum, called Umeboshi (my daughter loves it!), one is mixed with seaweed paste called Gohan Desuyo, and the last one is mixed with dried seaweed, Wakame. 

If you have any kids meal idea, please let me know!!


  1. Love the Maxi dress and especially the belt. Why don't you like the back on the sweater dress? I think it gives a little surprise element to the dress. Tho where I'm at in Chicago, that just doesn't make sense in a cold winter day. LOL. I think it looks great on you. Tho what doesn't? LOL

    Love the lunch boxes. I want some star sandwiches. This blog always makes me hungry. LOL. I love the rice rolls. Is that grilled meat in flower shapes? Will you pack my lunch for work tomorrow? ;-)

    1. I love the belt too!! It matches with everything!

      About the dress, I just don't feel comfortable with my back showing that much. I could wear something under it but it'd be so hot. Hmm I don't know. Part of me like the dress, and part of me don't.

      I am happy to make you hungry! LOL One of my friends on facebook always does that to me with her yummy meals!

      The grilled meat you are talking about is.. chicken apple sausage!! I sliced them and cut them with bear, bunny, and flower shape!
      Your lunch is ready for pick up, Lily! lol

    2. Keiko, if I were you, I would return the dress. Wearing something under it just takes away from the dress. Its just me. I don't have the natural fashion talent that you have to put great outfits together. It sounds like its taking too much effort to make the dress work if you are not comfortable with its style.

      I will be right over to get my lunch, Keik!!!! are alright!!! Mmmmm chicken apple sausage, yum!!!

    3. yeah, you are right! I'll find something I love, and should spend $$ for that!
      Let's see what will be marked down tomorrow!!

  2. Your daughter is lucky to have those very special lunches every day:)

    I really like the sweater dress on you. The color is great! However, if you have doubts about it, you should take it back.

  3. 毛玉になってしまうのは残念だけど、マキシ素敵よ♩二つ目のポインティールドレス、個人的はすごく似合っていると思うけど?!私が着たら超外れだったけど(笑)けい子ちゃん似合っているわ〜(しかもセカンドカットになりそう→キープ、キープ!!)

    1. もうリターンしてきた 笑 BFセールで残ってたらかう~~