Monday, November 19, 2012

Ready to Shop!

Hello ladies!

Are you ready for Black Friday shopping??

Well, I am, but it's kind of overwhelming and I am already loosing interests in them. I mean, I want certain stuff for great price of course, but just not knowing what is happening is giving me a stress.

Only few more days... Come on Anthro, give me more details!!!!!!!!!

Here are the items that I already set in my shopping bag!!
Most of them are still full priced items, I was hoping they'd go on sale today but didn't. boo! I'd be happy to buy them with their regular markdown prices + extra 25%off!

What are your picks?? Are you planning to go to the store in the morning??


  1. I like your choices...but I can't make it to the store in the morning to take advantage of the 50% off. but if I could, I want:

    Patchwork Lace Skirt
    Overlapping Lace Scoopneck
    Side Scrunchable Top
    Fallen Dot Dress

    Oh well..... They probably won't have my size anyway. Besides, I'm so over the black friday stress. I hope you find everthing on your list and then some!! Have fun!

    1. I like your picks too! I couldn't find the side scrunchable top, though???
      If it wasn't Black Friday, and they let me put things on hold, I'd be happy to put things on hold for you if I find your loved items!!

  2. Black Friday楽しみだけど、もっと詳しい情報が欲しいよね!今日セールになるのかも気になる!!私もリボンのカーディガン&ラッフルブラウスが欲しい物リストに乗っているよ。白のストライプブレイザーけい子ちゃん似合いそう!!(全部似合いそうだけど!)

    1. もしかしたら今日セールないかもしれないねー やだなー もう。。 早くお買い物したい! 笑
      白のブレザーは、カタログでのってたロンパーとセットで着ようと思って! ロンパーは購入済みなのだ!

  3. Thank you Keiko, wish you could too. Can't wait to see your shopping finds and your new outfits!