Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review Part 3!!!

Happy Thanksgiving ladies! Is everyone busy cooking today??

So, it was a nice surprise we had yesterday. A LOT of items went on sale and extra 25%off!!
Some of the items that I was going to buy didn't get regular cut (50%off), so I was really careful which one to purchase.

Here are my online purchases!! (The brown boots are The North Face Camryn Boots. My husband bought me these yesterday. )

Most of the new clothing markdowns only got 25%off or something, so even with extra 25%off, it's just a regular sale price, so I didn't go crazy about it.

In the morning, I went to my local Anthropologie to see if there are anything good, and also wanted to try some new items.

Anthro is offering 20%off Full priced items on Black Friday, instead of last year's extra 50%off sale price (boo!), I'd share this review today!! I was reeeeeeeeeeally hoping they'd have extra 50%off, though! =( 

Plaid Refresh Coat  I am trying my regular size 2, fits TTS for me. Tracy Reese's another beautiful coat!! I love the pattern, but not big fan of the turtle neck part. I was wondering how it is inside the coat when I saw it on hanger, so here it is! It's kind of weird..
I think I am not supposed to zip all the way up, because it came up really high. lol
It's really warm winter coat. I don't think I need this one living in CA but maybe in Japan??

Judith Collar Coat  I am wearing size 2, I'd size up if I buy this.. Underarm was so tight and couldn't move my arms!
Loved it on hanger, but not on me. Kind of thick too. Maybe I'll try bigger size next time!

Kajsa Sweatercoat I am wearing my regular size S. Supposedly TTS?
Maybe it's the style but feels little boxy and wide around arm.
To me, it wasn't that attractive. I see these kind of style around in Japan, not that unique to me.

Snoa Motocardi  I am wearing size M since they didn't have S.
Size M fit fine but I think it's TTS. I'd prefer a snag fit for this one.
This was really soft and comfy. I wish it was washable!! Maybe it's worth getting this piece with 20%off!

Lace-Trimmed Marled Cardigan I couldn't find this cardigan online. Can you?? I am wearing regular size, S or 2. (Sorry, can't remember..) Fits TTS.
I think, if you wear it right, it's really pretty sweater. I am wearing over my long sleeve dress and it doesn't look good on it. lol
The lace was more of a dark beige than it appears on the photo.

Ridged Ruffles Cardigan I am wearing my regular size S, fits TTS.
This is already second cut price but still available online.
I think if I wasn't wearing long sleeve underneath, that'd look better.
The front button isn't center, and it looked little awkward in the fitting room but I guess it was because of the ruffle?
I'd buy it if I didn't have many ruffled cardigans already!

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  1. Thanks for the reviews! I'm also eyeing the Judith Collar coat :)

  2. I love the first Plaid Coat & Snoa Cardigan on you!! I also bought the white floral necklace with the extra 25% :)

    1. 可愛いよね、このネックレス!
      コートはまだ迷い中だけど・・ 店舗では売りきれ立ったけど、オンラインいっぱい残ってるみたいだし、2ND CUTで買えたら買いたいなー