Sunday, November 25, 2012

Statement Necklaces

Good morning, ladies! I hope you are having a wonderful holidays!

Well, it is still dark in California. I am just awake and not be able to fall back asleep, so I want to share some of my creations.

The reason I started to make jewelry.

Although, I've always like to make something, it was when I started my obsession with Anthropologie.
I went into the store for window shopping one day, and saw some gorgeous statement necklaces.

I really wanted to buy one, but I could not afford it. Now I think back, I do not remember what it was, but it was probably over $100 or even $300.

I thought, maybe.. I can make one just like that??

Then I made this from a vintage silk scarf my mother gave me.

And I wore it to a family party in 2010.
People loved it and said I should open a store.

My daughter was still 2 then, and I did not have much time, but once I get into something, I just had to do it.
I can't sleep when I have something in my mind.

I was into vintage buttons and fabric and I liked the idea of recycling good fabric.
Like.. a dress that has a stain on it and can no longer wear.
Sometimes I used a liner attached to a dress.  The dress itself was not pretty enough to keep but the liner was so soft and nice (silk) and it's so sad to throw away.

Silk was the best fabric to make a statement necklace because it is soft and has rich taste in it.

This was another silk piece I made out of a vintage silk liner. This was made to order piece and I no longer have it with me.

Last night, I tried on the ones I have kept for myself with Anthro dresses!

This was made out of a champagne sateen blouse and brown sateen pants. All buttons are vintage.
It's available on my Etsy store TanPoPo for clearance price!

This mustard colored necklace was made out of brand new fabric. I was into mustard color this time. Used small vintage pearl buttons.
I wore a long pearl necklace with it to take this photo. :)

This was another statement necklace I made out of the first silk scarf. Wearing a long pearl necklace with it.

I think, this is my second favorite necklace that I made. I love the color purple and deep red.
Used two different sizes of vintage pearl buttons and put a rose in the center. SOLD

These are all one of a kind.
I do not make these statement necklaces anymore because it takes a lot of time and my daughter keeps me busy all day.
I need to sleep when I can. lol Maybe one day in the future..

I decided to let go these precious necklaces if anyone wants it for your parties.

Please leave comment here, message on Etsy, or email me
I will send you additional photos and discuss the price!

Have a wonderful day!!
I found out that my local store opens at 9AM today. I might go check out more things for Christmas presents!

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