Friday, November 30, 2012

The First Christmas Tree

Happy Friday, ladies!!

It's the last day of school! YAY

I was going to my local Anthro after dropping my daughter at school, but it was raining quite hard, so I just stayed in.

Here are this week's my daughter's lunch!!

Did you know Japanese version of snowman is only two balls??  I told my friends in Japan that a snowman in US has three balls, then my friends said, oh is it because they are tall?? or because they have small heads??
LOL I think Japanese version is cuter, though..

Anyways, where were we..

Oh yeah, the first Christmas Tree!

Yesterday, we finally bought a tree for Christmas.
We weren't going to get it but my daughter found one that she likes at Whole Foods. lol

We've always had parties with big trees at someone else's houses, and my daughter was still little, so we never had a real Christmas tree for our place before.
(Last year, I made a paper tree with my daughter.)

I went to buy ornaments while my daughter was in school and after school, we decorated it together.
It is amazing how it feels so..  comforting when you have a Christmas tree with lights in a house.
I guess we will be doing this every year from now on!!


 D'armee Dress,
LaceOverLeather Belt ,Bowtied Beauty Boots

 First Whisperings Dress, Irresistible Feel Vest,
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Van Wrinkle Sweater, 
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