Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What I want... non Anthro

Seriously?? When do we get to hear more detail about Black Friday sale???

I want to know! I need to know!!! When are you adding more markdowns!???

What I know about my local store..

They will open at regular hour tomorrow, which is 10AM.
On Black Friday, they will open at 6AM.

Are they having sale tomorrow???  I really really hope so!!

Anyways, there are other things I want from other stores.

1: Black Leather Purse.

I want to check Nordstrom before or after Anthropologie. I read an article about their BF sale, and they say they will offer Tory Burch bags as well as other brand cosmetics and clothings for grab-your-purse-and-run prices.  My top 2 picks,

Um.. I thought I wanted black leather bag, but now I am confused. lol I was checking Nordstrom and all of these colors are tempting!! I need to go check the store tomorrow to see which one attracts me the most!!

This hobo is actually a perfect size for me!! UHHHH!!! 

Maybe I need to go to Nordstrom BEFORE Anthropologie!!

2: Hunter Rain Boots

I have been wanting a pair of black Hunter Rain Boots for a long time. But since they are "rain boots", I always put them in the last in my shopping list, and always don't have enough money to buy them after shopping other MUST HAVEs. 

When I saw these snake boots on facebook, I changed my mind. 
These are MUST HAVE boots!!!!

Some people think they are hideous, but to me, they are FABULOUS!!!
They are new, so I don't think they will go on sale, and Hunter Rain Boots hardly ever go on sale, so I am not expecting them to go any cheaper, but.. fingers crossed!! 

3: Oversize Cardigan

I saw this at Nordstrom few month ago and I fell in love. It seems like I can find this Free People Flower Power Cardi from other stores, like Zappos, Macy's, Nordstrom, Shopbop, and some other retailers. 

I am not sure if I want this cardigan over Anthropologie's Morning birds Sweatercoat $198.

Here I am again.. ummm...................Can't make up my mind!!
BTW, I went to try the sweatercoat again and it was MUST HAVE. I tried XS, which is one size down than normal size, (I am between XS, and S) and XS was way too small, and short for me! I am going for size Small!!

So.. it's 8PM here in CA, and I have to put my daughter sleep!!

I am just super....... ready to spend some $$$!!!


  1. I love those Hunter Boots!! I'm looking for a simple pair of rain boots with no pattern now and Hunter is 候補(笑)All the Tory Burch bags are gorges! But I think I like the shape of the black one the best. Did you get to go to the Nordstrom sale today? I also love the Morning Bird Sweatercoat on you!! You must buy that one!!

    1. I ended up getting the sweatercoat and no Tory Burch nor hunter boots.
      I almost bought the hunter boots with piperlime 20%off coupon, but the code didn't work somehow before I left for Anthro, and I spent all of my $$..lol