Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anthro Reviews

Happy Tuesday!
It was pretty warm yesterday, but it's brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr today!

My daughter somehow said she wanted to go to Anthropologie with me this morning... lol
So we did!!

And here, I have some reviews to share!

Vanga Vintage Kantha Dress
I found this dress on the side of dressing room. Someone must have returned it.
I am wearing M and I think my regular size S would fit me better.
If anyone wants this dress, email me, so I can give you the store number. :)

Skien Coat
They did not have any more size S, so I am wearing size M in the photo. I saw this in the show window last month and I fell in love.
It was the first time I tried on today, and I would love to own this coat. But really... it needs to get another cut or something!

Callum Tweed Coat
I am wearing 2, TTS. This coat is unique and I like it except.. the fur.
The fur is cheap material, looking. I wouldn't want to pay over $100 for this.
The front leather is very stiff. Other than that, it's a cute coat!

Stitched Loma Coat
Tried on size 2, TTS. Another Tracy Reese coat! I personally like last year version or Plaid Refresh Coat.
It's a beautiful piece, though.. just not for me.

Argyle Intarsia Cardigan
I am wearing 2, TTS. I love the pattern and the color, but feeling of the material is a bit cheap, and bit itchy. I can't believe this is Dry Clean Only. Maybe on the tag it says hand wash? I need to check the cardigan again next time!

Check out other sweater reviews HERE.

I didn't get anything, though! I decided I am going to wait until Christmas sale!
Did you buy something from new markdowns??


  1. Oh, lovely version of that dress- stunning print! I really like the skien coat, but there's something about it that holds me back...

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I hate itchy! I don't think I'd be able to wear 99% of Anthros sweaters. You have a darling figure! Pretty much look good in everything.