Friday, December 7, 2012

Anthropologie 30%OFF Sweater Sale Review

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! 

I woke up and heard a great news from Anthropologie!! 

Full priced Sweaters are 30%OFF this weekend! YAY!

I bought some sweatercoats last week, so I was hoping to get PA from store, and if not, I'd just buy the same one and return the ones I have!! (I haven't even taken them out of bag! LOL)

I ended up just buying the same sweatercoats because there were lines and they had the same exact things.

Anyways, I have some quick sweater reviews I can share with you!!

I am wearing size S. TTS for me. I LOVE this soft pink! It was very soft and didn't feel itchy. MUST buy if you have the money!!! It's little bit pricey but it's super cute!!

This was another sweater that caught my eyes. I am wearing S. TTS.
Why are these sweaters so expensive?? I don't mind paying over $100 for Outers, but for a sweater.. no. 
But this is another cute piece!! Love the color too!

I am wearing S.  I was in love when I saw this online, but in real life, meh. 
It was soft knit and everything is good, but it was just not for me. Maybe I should have sized down? 
I don't like the sleeves attached to it. If this was just a vest, I'd loved it.

I am wearing size S. TTS. Very soft and cozy. I'd say there is nothing wrong with it. sigh.. I wish I had more money! lol

wearing S, TTS. This was less soft than the other sweaters I tried on. It's cute but not love for me.

I have some more reviews from past for these.

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