Monday, December 17, 2012


Wow, it's Monday already!!
Anthropologie is offering free shipping aaaaaand some new shoe markdowns!!

There are couple pairs I have my eyes on..

Here are the list

Since I want more than a pair... I require extra 50% with it. lol as usual.. sigh..
I am really really REALLY hoping they will offer something crazy before or after Christmas like last year! 

Ok, ladies.. I am sharing these with you but please don't buy them.. I'd be sad if they sell out before I get to buy. lol 

I went to a Christmas Party yesterday, and this is what I looked like!!
I wanted to dress more Christmas-y, but I was invited a day before, and this is what I came up with.. 

I have three more parties, possibly four... 
What should I wear!!????

Noon & Night Dress,
Garment District Blazer,
Sparkle & Fade Ruffle Sleeve Lace Blouse,
Steep Buckle Moto Boots  

Opalescent Garland Necklace.... I love this, but after wearing this couple hours, it broke. :(
I mean, one of the stone came off. :( :(
I could glue it back on, but I'll go check my local store and see if they could exchange it. 

I wore boots because it was non fancy party. It was more for little kids to get together, meet Santa, sing and dance together!!
My daughter had loooooots of fun!!

What are you going to wear for your Christmas Parties??

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