Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Party Outfits

5 more days until Christmas!!!

Did you finish Christmas shopping?? 
Did you get Christmas gift for yourself?? :D

Ha Ha!! I did!!

I mean, I bought a new bag for myself. I ordered it online with gift wrapping!! Just for me!!
I will share what it is after Christmas!! 

I was thinking outfit for party tomorrow. And I have another one on Christmas.
Both are family-relatives parties.
I really wanted to use Christmas color, and these are what I came up with!!

Wavy Cables Cardigan, Fanned Snakeskin Heels
On the right: Cloud Art Dress, Boutonniere Belt,

After talking to my friends, I decided I am wearing the red dress outfit tomorrow, and the other on Christmas.

What about you?? Did you already decide what you are going to wear???

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