Monday, December 3, 2012

New Markdowns

Happy Monday!!

Anthropologie had new markdowns this morning! YAY!

So many items including shoes went on sale today, and there are so many items I want.
I'd like to share what caught my eyes!!

1: Crystalline Bug Brooch Set GreenYellowPurpleBlack

I was checking these cute bugs for gift the other day. I actually want them for myself and it's hard to choose one!!

2: Sundry Retro Brooch

I gave this for my Great Grandma's 90's birthday in September. I wanted it for myself since then. lol

3: Peter Pan Pretender Sweater

I saw this on Roxy and I fell in love. Too bad it's Dry Clean only..

4: Button Trail Cardigan Blue Green

I love the ruffle trim! I want the teal color but I should probably go for basic color black??

5: Farfar Cardigan Beige

I felt this cardigan in store last time. It felt soft and this could be another cozy outer for me this year!

6: Scoopback Maxi Dress Blue

I've been eyeing on this for a while. I love maxi and haven't gotten any this season yet.

7: Tweed Dots Pullover

Here comes dots! I love cute dots and this is super soft and comfy!

8: Mixed Stripe Jersey Chemise Orange

Oh my! This is super cute maxi! I wonder if it's too thin since it's chemise? Good price, though..

9: Tied Pointelle Sweater

This is elegant and cute. It's a bit pricey..

10: Sheer Scrollwork Pullover

This is another sweater I want but bit pricey. Hmmm

11: Extending Midi Cardigan Grey

I like the length of this cardigan. I need to try it on.

12: Morel Hunter Boots

I've wanted lace up boots forever. These reminds me of Buckled Paddock Boots from last year.

13: Folded Flora Booties

These were my MUST have when they hit sale. But why didn't these get 50% cut!!???

14: Jane Trapunto Booties Brown

Another attractive boots from Fryes. I want them so bad...

15: Bene Boots

Only if these get another or x2 more cut...

My order from Anthropologie two weeks ago was LOST and they are shipping another one.
It was a large order and some of them are still "preparing to ship" status and they are sold out.
I am not sure if I am getting them.

I've been enjoying online shopping for years but this was my first experience that my order was LOST.

I am scared of ordering online from them again... but I still love their offering, so I am heading to the store now!!

BTW, I am desperately looking for
size 38 Inkwood Boots by Holding Horses

EUC or New condition.
I had them last year, but sold them... and now I want them back!!!
Silly me!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease let me know if you are willing to sell it to me for reasonable price!!!

Thank you!

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