Saturday, December 8, 2012

OOTDs and Bento Box

Good morning!
I have a guest from last night and he is still there sleeping next to my daughter! Well, he is still 12!

She was so excited last night that her cousin was staying all night, but she fell asleep while he went for a run with my husband. (They played with Lalaloopsy for hours before that!)
She must have been exhausted from unusual event!

Recent Outfits

 Brushed Lace Pullover similar here,
 Daughters of the Liberation Trousers,
 Kirklees Sweater Coat,
 Spotted Sawtooth Flats,
Transatlantic Bag, Plush Stole

 Split Diamonds Shift (From EA!), 
Engla Trench,

Adare Anorak similar here, here, here and here
Recurring Theme Skirt (from EA!)

Both Split Diamonds Shift and Recurring Theme Skirt are from Effortless Anthropologie's Trade Market purchases a while ago. 
I was finally able to take photos of me in them!! 
I love them so very much! Thank you!

And here are this week's my daughter's lunchs!!

For Thursday, she already has vegetable soup at school, so it's more like dessert.
Little sausages became octopus and the face..fried rice wrapped with thin fried egg with cheddar cheese ears, seaweed eyes and mouth, and ketchup cheeks :)
And of course, the bunny apples. <3

For Friday, fried Udon with thin cut onion and chikuwa, and LOTS OF LOVE! (Cheddar cheese)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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