Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recent purchases

Happy Holidays, ladies!!

I've been busy getting together with family and friends!! Too many parties and too much drinks! I am sick!!

Anthropologie is offering 30%off sale items since after Christmas but I already bought what I wanted when they had 25%off! Why aren't they offering 50%!?? BOO!

So, I've been avoiding going to the store. I am too tired to go shopping!! That's RARE!

Anyways, I bought couple of items online. I decided I don't need any more clothes, besides dresses, and I am hoping to shop less next year! (Don't I say it every December?? lol )

I bought Plush Stole on Black Friday and I realized how awesome these warm, fancy scarves are!!
If you are thinking about getting it, you should!!

Well, I haven't tried this Fronded Pom Scarf yet, so I can't say, but doesn't this look so cute!??
When I receive it in the mail, I will write review!! 

I am secretly a belt collector and  Reflected Buckle Belt was a must have for me when it came online. 
I saw it over Lace Cables Pullover on a mannequin at my local store and I just had to have it.

I ordered it my normal size but I am a bit worried if I should have ordered size M... finger crossed!

Ruffled Carbonella Scarf is another awesome winter scarf that I could pair it with any outfit and make it fabulous!
Seriously, it's worth it! Buy it when you can!!!!

I've been wanting my initial necklace, and Twig Monogram Collector's Charm would make a perfect necklace! 
I saw this in the local store before appeared online and I almost bought it!!
Glad it went on sale already!

I bought the yellow version last year but I let it go since it was a bit big for me. 
I did not know I needed XS.. 
And when I saw Pleated Ponte Dress online, I really wanted it! in XS!!
Too bad it's Dry Clean Only...  I am going to wash in the net, though!!!

I actually bought Dashed Gilt Brocade Dress for my friend in Japan. 
I couldn't find it at my local store. Is it online only?? I really want to try this on. 
If it's reeeeeally cute like the model shot, I want to own one, too!

How was your Christmas?? 
Did you get lots of presents??
Did you give lots of presents?

This is what I bought for myself! 


To buy this.. I had to return couple coats I bought this winter.. lol

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