Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Wish List

Good evening!! It was such a beautiful day here in California!!
We even went to the beach to play! It was windy but warm enough to play on the sand :)

I have been away from shopping for a while but there are couple of items I want to have!

From J Crew..

I actually ordered this with 15%off coupon last month. But it is back ordered until March 25!! 

This is new arrival. I found it after I ordered the Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket. I saw it in store the other day, and I might want this one more?  I might want both of them!!

I saw this on a blog, called Bows & Sequins. I love the way she's wearing the shirt!! I never thought I could wear two shirts at the same time! But after looking into some J Crew shirts, I found out that it was quite popular in J Crew world!! 

I have these three items in my shopping bag..

I am hoping.. they will offer some extra % off sale full price around President Day!! 
Will they???

What do you think?? 

From Anthropologie..

I love the color of this sweater!! 
I was looking for a top with a big heart, so this is perfect! 

And this is my daughter's top.. :) We are going to have a matching outfit! <3

This top caught my eye when I went to make a return. I still haven't tried it on yet.
I don't think I will buy it for $80 but I definitely want to own it one day!

There are two dresses I want to add in my closet.
I probably have to choose one, though.. 
Which would you pick if you were me!??


From Chie Mihara Collection...

 I especially want the KINKO!!

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