Tuesday, March 26, 2013

20% Off Dress!!

Good afternoon, Ladies!
Last night, I was browsing Anthropologie and noticed all the full priced dresses were marked down in my wishlist!

Too bad I can't spend any money right now..

There are many dresses I want!!

Silk Mabel Dress
This looks so cute! Silk and washable!!?

Smocked Malee Dress I want a new white dress for summer. I believe it'll be short for me, but can wear it as a tunic, right??

Chessia Dress (review here) Oh, I have three striped dresses, but this... I think I have to have it. The fit was perfect!

Bottle Green Dress I think this is new arrival. I am a sucker for mint color. I reeeally want to try this!

Klompen Tulip Dress I've had my eye on this dress for a while now. It's a casual dress. I could imagine wearing it to my daughter's school!!

Cebu Maxi Dress I wish this was full maxi. I love the pattern but why is front short!? I hate that design.

Triple Bow Dress Ugh. Another stripes!! But... check out the detail in the back!! It's so cute.. How many stripe dress do I need? I keep telling myself but umm I want this too..

Skyscape Maxi Dress It's a stunning dress. I love maxi and I don't have maxi with this color! I need to have it!

Floral Filigree Shirt Dress From front, it looks fab but in the back, it doesn't look like it has a shape. I want to try it on. I love the sleeves!

Athena Dress Man, is this going to go on sale!? Is it a good chance?? I love love love this dress on Sayaka, and want to see if it works for me! I love the color!

Segmented Labyrinth Dress Why is this so expensive? I love the pattern and the color is perfect.

Did you already used this promo?? Or will you??
I reeeally want some new dresses but first, I need to sell... boo!

Check out my blog sale here :)

Last night, I was playing with my daughter and ended up making a pair of earrings for me!

Have a wonderful day!

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