Saturday, March 9, 2013


I have so much things I want to share on my blog, but let me share my daughter's lunch boxes first!!
I am hoping I'll have time for sitting in front of computer this weekend!!

I was hoping she'd eat spinach but she didn't.. boo! But she loves these organic carrots! I do not know what they are called, the ones with leaves on it, I just wash them and cut them in sizes and boil them until it's very soft. They are very sweet!

This was on Valentine's day. Lots and lots of love for my daughter!!

She loves blueberries, so I put them in the lunch almost every time now. I believe this day, I forgot to set the timer for the rice cooker and I had to make something else. lol

Oh and Edamame peas are her favorite too :)

She liked these eggs. :) I added seaweed in it. How to make this rolled egg? I found it on youtube!

Oh my! I made this in 15 minutes.. I overslept this morning! yes, it happens!
Her another favorite, Umeboshi (pickled plum) Plus mandarin orange and banana!

This was yesterday's. Each rice balls has whole Umeboshi in it!
The brown thing is home made croquette with tonkatsu sauce on it.

Any ideas are welcome fellow Moms! I need more ideas!

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