Friday, March 29, 2013

Recent Outfits and New Jewelry

Oh wow! It's already Friday! Time goes by so quickly these days!

I've been shopping my own closet and trying to put outfit from what I have in there! 
I really want to take advantage of Anthro's 20%off promo but I'm saving up for my trip to Japan in summer!
I'll probably break down in May, which is my birthday and anniversary month.. 

Reed Shirtdress, Rectangle Rings Belt,

And I'd like to share some jewelry that I made for myself this week :)

I love gold jewelry but this year, I want to try some silver! 
I am not completely sure about the necklace, so it might change.

I really love this zodiac necklace Anthro had long time ago, and been meaning to make one just like it, but it's been hard to find pieces. 

Does anyone have the original version? How big is it?? How does it look like on??

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