Saturday, April 27, 2013


Charlie fatigue jacket (J Crew), Amethyst Necklace (similar here), 

Happy Saturday! 

It's been really hot in CA but last two days, it was windy and kind of chilly. 
In the sun, it's hot! Especially in the car, but in the shade, it's freeeeezing! (well, maybe not but I'm dressed like I'm in summer, so the wind is just too cold without the sun!

Anyways, my new jackets from J Crew has been great help for this season! They are offering 25%off right now!! 

Friday, April 26, 2013


It hasn't been easy since spring break is over..

We still have hard time getting up early in the morning!! I love my bed sooo much! Don't wanna leave my bed if I didn't have to!

Here are this week's lunch for my daughter.

I had to pick her up early yesterday (she had tummy ache), and she ended up eating this lunch at home with me and I discovered something..
I always thought this cheese and ham roll was small enough for one bite. But not really.. She would put it in her mouth but she had it mouth full..
I think I need to make it somehow smaller. I don't want her to choke!

And this is today's. I cut the ham half, so she won't have hard time! Inside is chedder and mashed potato!!

Hope she is having fun with her friends at school now :) :) xoxo

Thursday, April 25, 2013

20%off bottoms promo!

Yes!! Thank you Anthropologie!

This morning, I woke up and received exciting email from Anthropologie <3 <3

20% off full priced pants, shirts, skirts, Now through Sunday!!

Remember I said I have some cute stuff in my shopping bag already??

Well, today.. I had to purchase them!

With 20%off and my birthday coupon code, 15%off..

Here are what I bought today!

I tried this at my local store this morning. I ordered S but I might have to exchange it to M..

I saw this in store the other day, and thought it'd be cute to walk with this in Kyoto!

Oh, this was so perfect. I tried it on, and really wanted to get it right then. I'm glad I waited a bit.

These three items are love at first sight! I tried on the pants, fits TTS, never seen the necklace or the sandals in person, but I have a high hope!!

All of these are for my trip to Japan! I'm sooo excited!

Did you buy anything with this promo?? or your birthday coupon??

Friday, April 19, 2013

Last Spring's Outfits

Well, I haven't taken any outfit photos lately..  
Maybe because I am trying not to pay attention to fashion (stay away from shopping) or I am simply busy being a mom. 

I reeeeally really want to buy new clothes for summer vacation, though!!

I have found cute items online already. I have bunch of items in my shopping cart with my birthday coupon waiting.

What am I waiting for???

I am waiting for half year tag sale to come...  or close enough to get PA!! (Most of the items are too new, though..)

I will share the cuties when I buy them!! Until then, it's a secret!! 

So, here are the outfits I wore in last spring. 
These outfits are from last year. I don't need any new clothes, don't I??? 

Left: Skewed Pullover,  Vigoss Premium Collection, 
Right: Tombolo Dress, Boutonniere Belt, Jeffrey Campbell Sandals

(Available on my blog sale. This photo was taken when I tried it on) 

Early Bird Chemise, Hand-Crocheted Mini-Dress,

Last summer outfits post coming next!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Liebster Award + Latest news + Today's lunch

Thank you for nominating my blog, Jenni the Gnome Lover!
Here are the answers for your questions!

1.) What is your favorite childhood memory?
hmmm... Is it weird I don't have any memory from my childhood? All I remember is some bad things..

2.) Where is the most amazing place you have traveled to?
Switzerland! It was beautiful.

3.) What is your least favorite household chore?\
Picking up hubby's laundry on the floor..

4.) What is your favorite meal?
Japanese Miso Tonkatsu

5.) Why did you start a blog?
Because I wanted to share my purchases and outfits with my friends in Japan. I stopped writing in Japanese though..

6.) What is your favorite movie?
It's a TV show, but all I can think is Game of Thrones

7.) Do you speak another language?

8.) What is the best deal you have gotten?
hmm... I got a $300 dress for $20. lol

9.) What advice would you have given your younger self?
Save money.

10.) Would you travel to outer space, given the opportunity?
No. I like staying on the earth. haha No. I don't even like hiking..

11.) Do you like camping?
No. I don't even like hiking..

Spring break is over.. and I can't wait for the summer vacation already!!

I've been busy with lots of things lately.

I started to play piano again. (I learned it for a bit when I was a kid)
I started to play tennis. (Just for fun and exercise)
I made some jewelry for myself and friends.

And latest news, I made a skirt and a dress for my daughter :)

Here is today's lunch.
My daughter asked me to make a face.. and this is what happened. lol It could be cuter but I wanted her to eat more meat... and did not know what to do this morning..

Don't forget to check my closet sale!! Here!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Summer Jewelry

Oh, tomorrow is already Sunday! I missed EA's outfit again!

I've been sick and had no energy to do anything more than I had to...

I am still recovering, and I made another necklace and a pair of earrings that could go well with Maxi for the summer!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finally!! Zodiac Necklace

I finally made the Zodiac Heirloom Pendant look alike!

I've been lazy and also was not easy to find beads that had perfect shapes and colors to match the necklace.

Anyways, here is the necklace I made!

I am Taurus!! YAY!

Here is what I thought..
If I ever fall in love with something in a store..
I should just buy it. lol

Not worth the time and energy to find the same thing somewhere or make something similar...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My little girl is learning to write!!

Oh I had to share this on my blog..

When I was in the kitchen, she was making sound in her room, like..
Woo Woo Woo Ap Ap Ap..

I was wondering what she was doing but later, she gave me this letter.

It says..

"Miley (her name) Would you want some apple juice?"


Jenni from Gnome lover is having a sweet give away! Enter here!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Closet Sale! Updated!

New Pointelle Diamond Sweater Tee S $50 $40shipped SOLD

New Kittery Blazer 2 $45 $40 shipped

Elornis Shift S $75 $70 shipped worn once

EUC Urban Outfitters belt S $15 shipped

New J Crew Chevron Tie Belt S $15 shipped

Worn once Anthropologie Midas Braids Belt S $20 $18shipped

New Bocagrande Dress XS $248 runs a bit big $90 shipped >>$80 shipped

Cloud Art Dress XS worn once $90 shipped >>$80 shipped Pending

New Oblique Blooms Dress size 0 $258 $90 shipped straps included >>$80 shipped

New Eva Dress by Darling $85 shipped>> $70 shipped

Scattered Stellata Dress S $80 $60 shipped worn once

New Camellia Blouse S $95 $70 shipped

EUC Secret Keeper Tank S $20 shipped-> $18 shipped

New Flecos Fringed Pullover $70$50 shipped SOLD

NWT Tartan Boucle Blazer size 2 $60 shipped>>$50 shipped SOLD

NWT Umbered Houndstooth Coat S $85 $80 shipped SOLD

Gunpowder Boots $268 size 8 worn few times $160 shipped

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free People Maxi

Good morning!!

I just placed order at Free People..

Jenni from Gnome Lover looks lovely in her free people dresses on EA's reader outfit posts.
I love maxi and her outfits always catch my eyes!

Here's what I ordered!

Anthropologie had new markdowns yesterday but I didn't buy anything. I thought I did good....

I want these, but will have to wait til it gets 2nd cut. :( :(

Current/Elliott The High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans
Bloomfall Peplum Tank
Emanation Cardigan
Striped Raglan Sweatshirt
Patchwork Chambray Buttondown
Transfigured Folds Cowlneck

Nalo Heels
Dotted Heights Wedges

Las Ramblas Hobo
Rita Colorblocked Purse
Seafarer's Tote

And I see some pop back in my wishlist (April 3 10:20AM)

Tape Yarn Pullover XS, S $19.95
Here & There Tee, Solid Black/Blue/Red $19.95
Growing Love Dress S $79.95 I have this dress and it's lovely! Me
Metallic Taika Flats 37/39 $29.95