Friday, April 19, 2013

Last Spring's Outfits

Well, I haven't taken any outfit photos lately..  
Maybe because I am trying not to pay attention to fashion (stay away from shopping) or I am simply busy being a mom. 

I reeeeally really want to buy new clothes for summer vacation, though!!

I have found cute items online already. I have bunch of items in my shopping cart with my birthday coupon waiting.

What am I waiting for???

I am waiting for half year tag sale to come...  or close enough to get PA!! (Most of the items are too new, though..)

I will share the cuties when I buy them!! Until then, it's a secret!! 

So, here are the outfits I wore in last spring. 
These outfits are from last year. I don't need any new clothes, don't I??? 

Left: Skewed Pullover,  Vigoss Premium Collection, 
Right: Tombolo Dress, Boutonniere Belt, Jeffrey Campbell Sandals

(Available on my blog sale. This photo was taken when I tried it on) 

Early Bird Chemise, Hand-Crocheted Mini-Dress,

Last summer outfits post coming next!