Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Anthropologie Mika Gladiators Brinjal Pendant Necklace review


I just received these beauty...

They are gorgeous! Fits TTS, comfortable. Leather look fabulous and yummy.

If you are a shoe lover.. get them! Worth every penny!!

 Mika Gladiators & Brinjal Pendant Necklace

And this necklace is chunky and love the volume of it. It was shipped from a store, and the person who packed it didn't know how to pack jewelry obviously, when I moved the box, it was making sound. I thought it was so sure it'd be broken when I opened it, but it was perfectly fine.
So it's well made, and beautiful!

I'll have Infinite Glisten BeltTic Glitz BeltMini Supernova PurseHexprint Maxi Skirt and Pattern Collage Crops review soon!

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