Saturday, May 25, 2013

EA Trade Market

So, I've been trying to sell some of my dresses on my blog and EA Trade Market.

I ended up finding treasures than making $$.. lol

Today, I met a lovely mom, Anne, through EA facebook trade market for a dress trade!!

I said goodbye to my Cloud Art Dress and greetings to Cool, Col Water Dress.

I was surprised to find someone so close on EA. We live in the same county! I am sure we've seen each other at the local Anthro before!

Here is the dress on me!

I got size 0. It was tight around under bust but bust area was perfect size. I just didn't wear bras and it's fine. but I don't feel safe without strap... (Sorry Anne, I found the strap on the side of carseat!! I was at sister-in-law's house and found it on the way home! ) I wore straps like halter, (put two straps together) so it doesn't look boring!

I had another great trading experience from EA this month. Thank you Sara!!

I said goodbye to Umbered Houndstooth Coat and greetings to Striped Spinnaker Blazer!!

I bought the blazer full price once, but returned it.. And I've been looking for it to pair with my Strung Spots Romper. 

Just like this model shot! Yes, it's the best season for this outfit now!

And I forgot to add Friday's lunch!

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  1. マキシめっちゃ可愛い!!トレードマーケットはあまり利用していないけど、お宝が色々あるんだね〜!!すごく似合っているよけい子ちゃん!!