Friday, May 3, 2013

It's Friday! Lunch + Pattern Collage Crops& Hexprint Maxi Skirt Review!

Another week is over! Yay!!

This week's lunch!

It's been super hot like summer this week!
I tried the Pattern Collage Crops. These are very comfy, light weighted and for me it fits TTS. (Online review says it runs big?) The print is beautiful!

I was just playing with outfits and noticed something...
Isn't the right outfit look more slim?
I think it's the length of the tank under the Lace Medallions Tank
Just couple inches but it makes you look fatter or more slim!

In this outfits, I am wearing Cost Plus necklace, Caramelo NecklaceLace Medallions Tank.

And a quick review for Hexprint Maxi Skirt.

It's polyester and washable! It is stretchy waist, so I sized down to XS and it fits perfect. 
I am 5'7" and length is perfect too! Love the pattern and love maxi!
I want to get the blue one when it goes on sale!


  1. Thanks Keiko for posting more cute lunches. Those little duckies are just too darn cute. I think I would eat more carrots if someone cut them up into stars for me too. :-)

    I wish I could wear wide leg crops. I'm only 5ft 3, I can't carry them. They wear me. Sigh. You look fab tho. Love both necklaces.

    1. I need to get more of those sticks when I'm in Japan!! When you boil the organic baby carrots until it's really soft, it is very sweet and you'll love them!

    2. Anything organic tastes better, right?!!!! Aw, have fun in Japan!!

    3. I started organic for my daughter, and this carrot tasted amazingly good lol since then, I get them all the time!

  2. Hi Keiko! I love those lunches. The outfit is beautiful! When are you leaving for Japan?


    1. I'm leaving in a month. June 5th!! I'm bringing my laptop, so I can post my blog from there too :)

      But remember.. I'm not good at writing, so I'll just share photos!