Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Maxi!!

Oh I am sooo ready to go to Japan!!!

I bought new maxi dresses for my trip and they arrived home today!!
(I tried both on at store before, so I knew the sizing. ) For me, they both fit TTS, I bought size 2. Tarana Maxi, you will need to size up if you have big boobs! I have small :)

These sandals were also sold at Nordstrom. They are leather and very comfy!
I got them for free because I had $30 reward at DSW! 

This is another favorite maxi! Miles of Henley Dress I saw it in pink on Jenni from Gnome Lover and had to get one!!
More colors available now at Free People!!

Last week's lunch and this weeks lunch for my little princess.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So beautiful! I love the maxis on you. The tarana maxi's pattern is fabulous! Once again, your daughter's lunches blow me away! Such a good mommy!

    Have SOOOOOO much fun in Japan!


  2. I'm stalking the Skyscape dress, which is how I arrived here. I'm really REALLY liking that Miles of Henley dress too though now! Is that a green one you are wearing?

    1. Yes, It is the khaki or green one! I do not remember the exact name, though. I saw it in pink on Jenni, the gnome lover and fell in love!!
      It was hard to pick the color though.. I want the pink too, and Ivory..

      I am sorry it took a while to reply! I am currently in Japan!