Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Recent Purchases

Hello again!!

It's been super HOT and HUMID here in Kyoto!! It is so tiring because I sweat.. BUT it doesn't dry up because it's humid!! SO the body doesn't cool down!! I almost passed out in the sun today!!

Just need to drink A LOT of liquid!

Anyways... I have been good since I got here. I mean no shopping at all. I don't have any time alone, and that could be the reason but finally, I went shopping with my friend and I found some cute stuff...

I wanted to buy more!!

And another news!! I took my daughter to Anpanman Museum in Kobe!! If anyone wants more info about it, maybe I will write a post about Anpanman. lol

What else did we do.. hmmm

We've been around, just living in Kyoto. Nothing so special (I go stay with my parents couple days a week and stay with my hubby in Kyoto City for the rest of the week)

My daughter started to take swimming lessons. She is almost 5 but still afraid to put her face in the water.. But the whole point of her going to the classes is that she can hang out with kids.

What else what else.. hmm

Maybe I'll share some photos!!

 It's too hot.. I can't walk.. I can't breath.. mehhh

 Bugs in Japan are big...

 Beer vending machine!! 

Shaved ice on a street!! He saved us!!