Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday!! wait.. it's over!!!?

Wow, it's already over.. phew..

Everyone who reads this blog know that I don't have any more money to spend..

Anthropologie offered 20% off everything for BF sale, and I decided not to go to the store. There were couple of full priced item I wanted but I knew that the dresses in my size I wanted are all sold out already.. Usually, I'd go to the store to just enjoy the atmosphere, but I was too lazy and sleepy.

After reading EA while having brunch with my husband and my daughter at a restaurant, I regret not going to the store.. I could have won $100!!!!!??

Well, my husband simply said, no, it's not gonna happen.

We got home around 6, so I could have gone to the store but it was dark, and I don't like driving in the dark..

Roxy mentioned they are offering 20% through the weekend, so I'll go check out tomorrow morning!! I'm a morning shopper!

And they just had new markdowns on Wednesday!

Here are what I would have bought if I could afford! And I will surely buy when they hit sale!

Clara Sweater Dress
Chromatique Dress
Chiaroscuro Shift
Modena Shift
Arslan Sweater Coat
Leopard Trapeze Coat
Delphine Poncho
Creature Feature Top
Ponte Bell Skirt
Spotted Paisley Square Scarf
Winter's Wildflowers Cowl
Tasseled Boteh Scarf
Fringed Gradation Scarf
Dame Collar

I know I have so many scarves in my wishlist.. I find them very useful!

Did anybody scored some good stuff today???

Recent outfit!


  1. Hi Keiko! I wanted to go to a store, too. The thought of those poppers was so cool! But then I did not want to drive. I do not like driving in the dark, either. Or really at all. I just bought some Christmas presents, some ornaments and two small things to try on. Staying home was so relaxing.

    I love that cardigan on you. How perfect is it with your boots?

    They look made for each other. I want scarfs, too. But they are so expensive. I recently purchased an infinite scarf from H & M for $12. I wore it on Thanksgiving. I love that store!

    Have a great Sunday!


    1. I went to Anthro on Saturday morning and they still gave away those poppers! I got the recipe though.. I needed $100 lol

  2. I am shocked you skipped the BF sales! :O I was looking forward to hearing about your purchases. I picked up some stuff and did not win the $100 but DID win the mushroom measuring spoons. :)

    I am curious, I would love to see how you organize your closet. Mine is getting too full!

    1. hehe I ended up buying some items online but I'll probably not keep some of them. It's smarter to wait for sale. I paid $14 for shipping, so I kinda wasted some money there lol Guess no latte for a week lol
      I'll make a post about what I bought, and about my closet sometime soon too!! I think I'm well organized about lots of things lol