Thursday, November 21, 2013

OOTD + Recent Purchase

Target Mossimo Turtleneck,  Northern Lights Skirt, 
Pour la Victoire Malena Rider Boots (sim here, here and here),
 Vintage Necklace (my grandma's)

I had been looking for a back short sleeve/no sleeve turtleneck top and I found this at Target! I was so happy that it worked out. :) And this necklace was my grandma's. My mom gave bunch of grandma's jewelry when I was in Japan.

I started to enjoy dressing up again. I ended up not wearing the jacket though...

The North Face Aloona Dress, Anthropologie stretch pants (sim here),
 Hunter Carnaby Rain Boot (or here)

Did I tell you I bought a pair of red Hunter rain boots from COSTCO last month??
These are also Hunter, but snake print!! (Amd yes! We had rain in CA this week!!!)
I first found these at Nordstrom in this spring or last winter, and I was stalking them since then. And I finally bought them when I was in Japan.

This is the photo I fell in love!

Super duper rain boots, right!? Jenni!??

And here are two vintage Anthro coats! 
I bought them from Kimberly through EA.

They are gorgeous!!! Thank you!!!!

<Recent purchase>

Yes.. I am totally broke. I have no money in my bank account.. What am I gonna do for Black Friday sale!?? "Can I borrow 1k, hun?"
I know he'll just laugh..

I'll just play World of Warcraft...


  1. Those are super duper rain boots! I LOVE them! : ). That coral/pink jacket is divine. So pretty. It fits you so well, too.

    Okay. I spent all of my clothes money for the month, too. If I do not get any price adjustments next week, I will be sitting out with you. : )

    Did you purchase the Heath Button Boots? They are high on my wishlist. But I am hoping to score them on sale. They are so gorgeous!

    And World of Warcraft? I have never played it. However, I LOVE video games. My favorites right now are Monster Hunter and Animal Crossing.

    I love my Corraline necklace, too. It is hard to style, though. It commands attention.

    That turtleneck was a score! I love Target! Have a lovely weekend!


    1. oh if you ever play WoW, let me know lol we can play together lol
      I did purchase the boots. I wanted to try them on.. I want to score them for sale price but.... omg they are so beautiful. I don't want to return them!!
      I'll have a review post soon.
      Oh, the necklace is hard to style? I wasn't thinking much.. I'll try some outfits!!
      Have a nice weekend!!

  2. I can't believe that you found Hunter rainboots at Costco! So sad that we don't even have Costco here, not to mention Anthro, Trader Joes and whole bunch of others. I bought a Lululemon jacket recently. Can't spend anymore, too. My son goes to private school which seems to be necessary living here, and Kumon. I have to try to save money. Not fun. I love Heath Button Boots. Just can't spend that much. So sad that they are out of stock online. I have to try to look away on Black Friday Sale, too. You are only alone!

    1. I really hope the boots go on sale tomorrow... lol
      yeah, when I found the boots, I'm like OMG!! I had to put two pairs in the cart but my hubby told e to put one back lol

  3. Those two vintage coats you scored on EA are gorgeous! Though they are I may be biased. haha

    You've definitely scored some great new stuff for the holidays, but I totally understand Black Friday calling your name. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be in trouble myself. It would help if anyone I shopped for loved Anthro stuff, or girly stuff, or frivolous stuff, but they're all so practical. I'm the only one who loves clothes, jewelry, body products, handbags, and home accessories. So I just end up shopping for myself! If I could buy these things for others, I'd still get my shopping fix AND be generous. Instead, I'm just selfish. Hahaha.

    :) Liz

    1. Well I think I'm the only shopaholic in my but my grandma likes my taste and she gets happy when I give her something from Anthropologie!!

  4. Ops, I meant to type "You are not alone!". :P