Friday, November 15, 2013

Recent Outfits and my new jewelry

Happy Friday!! It's only two weeks from Black Friday!! yeahhh!!
Is it bad that I am more excited about BF sale than Thanksgiving?? lol

I've been shopping my own closet lately. Look what I could do with what I have!! I don't know why I keep wanting new clothes.. 

Standby Ode ChemiseGunpowder Boots, Muubaa Leather Jacket (sim here, here and steal), 
House of Harlow Necklace (exact here, here, here and here)

Did you know I make jewelry? Well, I had a store on Etsy. (It is not active right now. I am not sure if I will activate it again.)
And I made new earrings for myself!! I love them!!


  1. First, I am so with you. So many clothes. Why do I want/need more? It is a sickness! I love your outfit. That jacket is gorgeous.

    And your jewelry! Keiko, you are so talented. I went to click on the snowflake ones and then read that you do not have your Etsy account active anymore. All of your earrings are beautiful! Is there anything you can't do? You are Wonder Woman!


    1. hahahaha you are so sweet!

      I love what I make! I make them for myself, and each ones are special to me. I'll run a giveaway sometimes! :)

  2. I love your first outfit. Both Ruffled Trench Coat and First Whispering Dress look great on you. I also have gun powder boots, and mainly wear them under boot cut jeans. You made cute earrings! They are very Anthro which is what i like. :)

  3. The ruffled trench looks fantastic on you!

  4. I love both outfits!!けい子ちゃん トレンチコートすごく似合うね〜!ジュエリーも相変わらず素敵♩ところでブログ名変えた?