Monday, December 2, 2013

Recent Purchase

So.. I missed Black Friday, but the next day I couldn't resist my Anthro addiction.
I wanted the Taryn Crepe Shift in red and the Leo Pullover in both color (review here) at least. I brought retail numbers so I could ask them to order from the store.
Luckily I found the dress and some extras in the B&M. I ordered the sweater in ivory, the gray was out of stock. I hope I can find the gray someday. I need S!

I should have bought the dress right when it got on sale and they had 20%off dress promo. The dress could have been cleaner.. (Now I can tell lots of people tried it on.. )

Well, do you remember that I bought the Heath Button Boots a while ago? The boots were gorgeous. I am normally size 8 and got 39, it was little snag still but wearable. People say they are comfortable, and yes, they were but still too tall for me. I can't wear them often, with 5 year old.. It's worth paying $300 for sure, but they have to be perfect. I am hoping to get them on sale if possible.

When I returned the boots, I had some money again. I was sad, but also relieved a little. lol  And my hubby told me I can spend some $$ as Christmas present. YAY

I hope they will do extra % off again before Christmas. My daughter gets a stuffed animal from Anthro every year for one of her Christmas presents! So far, she has a hippo, a giraffe and an elephant!

Which one is the cutest??


Oh and one more thing that I am interested...

I saw this in store and it was so cute!! I don't normally use keychain, but I want this!!


  1. I wasn't aware that Heath Button Boots are that high. I am the same. With kid, there's no way that i will wear high high shoes running around. Gotta be practical at the end. I usually end up wearing my sports outfit instead of dressing up. Too many things to be done everyday, so have to be practical. I hope you can find Leo Pullover in gray soon. I like it in gray better. That Louis Lion stuffed animal is cute. It looks like a teddy bear with mane around it's head. Lol. The beaded keychain reminds me of phone accessories many years ago. It was for those ancient cell phones where you can hang accessories.

  2. That dress is so cute that you bought! I cannot wait to see how you style it. I hate making styling decisions according to budget. This week I had to decide between three pieces. Thankfully, one fit perfectly and two were too big. Easy choice!

    I love the first bunny. It looks incredibly comfy. So soft. I imagine she would like it best.