Saturday, January 18, 2014

What have I been doing?

Howdy everyone!!

Does anyone remember I mentioned about World of Warcraft before? That I am trying to stay away from shopping, I started WoW again. (Yes again. I used to play it a lot like 5 years ago.)

Well... I play the game a lot again. It's good for my wallet, though..
But that's what I've been doing instead of blogging..

Oh but I have some outfits to share! And I've also made three puffy skirts (two long, one short) for my daughter! She likes playing princess lately!

Her lunch is still like these..

And here is the new thing! Her snack! I have to put her a lunch and snack in her backpack everyday.
I made blueberry jam and raspberry jam the other day ( bought organic ones at COSTCO), so I made up this gluten free cookie! (My hubby is gluten free) She loves them!! (I just used Gluten Free scone mix from Cost Plus.. just mix water and oil! It's scone mix, so it's not too sweet!

7 in the morning, kitchen smells yummy...

Here is another project that I worked on for her <3 I am crazy about her <3 <3 (See, I am not just playing game.. )

Oh but check these out. My daughter drew these on mugs for me and hubby when she was 2.

And these are the brand new mugs! She's 5 now! On mine, it says I Love My Mommy. <3 <3

Recent Outfits!

House of Harlow 1960 Station Leather Necklace $75 (exact hereherehere and here)

Taryn Crepe Shift $118 $29.95 (If you could find a pop back!!)
Black Cashmere Scarf (sim here, here and here)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's already 8th of January!!
My apologies for not writing blog for a while.

My daughter has been sick a lot lately, and I was sick too, after Christmas. It was reeeeally bad..

Now she is back to school! She is all better but she lost some weight and she is used to staying home. I am little worried she might get hurt. And she did.. yesterday. She fell from a monkey bar and scratched her chin and nose. (she fell on her face..) Well, I am glad it is not a serious injury but oh I wish I could keep her in my treasure box forever. lol My precious little princess....

Do you know what I did when she went to school this Monday?

I guess... you all know....

I went to Anthropologie.


They had a new markdown on that day!!
I have been online shopping during holidays, and a lot of items I bought went even cheaper on that day!! Lots of PAs!!!


Yes! you are right!! The Heath Button Boots!!!
Lucky me! I bought these in my size on sale!! 50% off regular price!! I felt snug in last one on size 39 but these pairs fit perfectly!! (I am normally size 8, 38)

These are what I bought on Monday!

Beaded Curio Keychain, I fell in love when I saw them in store when they came out. Especially the owl one. They are chunkier and bigger than they look in the photo. I was so happy I got them for $8!! I should probably take photo of them! So you can see how cute they are in real life!!

Campagne Camo Cardigan, I wanted this cardigan full price, too. I can't believe I found it in 2nd cut price! This is another one that looks much better in real life! I will have to take outfit photo soon!!

Plaid Swing Sweater, I didn't even noticed this online before. I saw this in the sale room and I tried it on, and it was cute! 2nd cut price! Score!

Chromatique Dress, I have a review here. I loved this dress, and I still do. I thought I had to size down to XS but they were sold out, so I gave up. But I found S for $40. It had to come home with me! 

Did you have nice holidays??