Saturday, January 18, 2014

What have I been doing?

Howdy everyone!!

Does anyone remember I mentioned about World of Warcraft before? That I am trying to stay away from shopping, I started WoW again. (Yes again. I used to play it a lot like 5 years ago.)

Well... I play the game a lot again. It's good for my wallet, though..
But that's what I've been doing instead of blogging..

Oh but I have some outfits to share! And I've also made three puffy skirts (two long, one short) for my daughter! She likes playing princess lately!

Her lunch is still like these..

And here is the new thing! Her snack! I have to put her a lunch and snack in her backpack everyday.
I made blueberry jam and raspberry jam the other day ( bought organic ones at COSTCO), so I made up this gluten free cookie! (My hubby is gluten free) She loves them!! (I just used Gluten Free scone mix from Cost Plus.. just mix water and oil! It's scone mix, so it's not too sweet!

7 in the morning, kitchen smells yummy...

Here is another project that I worked on for her <3 I am crazy about her <3 <3 (See, I am not just playing game.. )

Oh but check these out. My daughter drew these on mugs for me and hubby when she was 2.

And these are the brand new mugs! She's 5 now! On mine, it says I Love My Mommy. <3 <3

Recent Outfits!

House of Harlow 1960 Station Leather Necklace $75 (exact hereherehere and here)

Taryn Crepe Shift $118 $29.95 (If you could find a pop back!!)
Black Cashmere Scarf (sim here, here and here)


  1. You are a busy mom. I didn't know you also know how to make dress besides making jewelry! i recently bought a sewing machine hoping to hem my pants, since I wear petite pants. It's still sitting there untouched. I only learnt how to loop the thread. It's not easy! Your daughter and hubby are so lucky. That's an awesome handmade house. Could I and my son also have your lunch boxes please? Lol. I am so lazy these days, I just pack him sandwiches for lunch. I do bake cookies like chocolate chip and oatmeal with raisins to bring to school. The mugs are too cute. That's great idea. Maybe we will try to do it in the coming summer. What is WoW? Feel like I am so far out from the loop. I am living in a small town after all. You look great in Arslan Sweater Coat. I also have the coat. Maybe I will wear it tomorrow to my son's school for lunch supervision. Weather is colder here in SE tonight like below freezing.

    1. I don't know much about sewing either! I learned it in elementary school and that's it! I don't use pattern or anything, just make things up.. I've made some clothes when my daughter was little. Every time, things are better and well-made. lol I just hemmed my jeans that I wanted to for a long time! I think I bought them like 2 months ago..

      The house is awesome. They sell castle and rockets too! You should check it out!
      You could buy those at CVS, Michaels, and other stores for cheaper!

      The mugs are from Starbucks.

      It's hotter here actually. It's cold, or chilly in the morning but my face was burning hot in the car in the afternoon!

      I think I got a cold though.. Everone in my daughter's class was sick last week.. I think it's time for us... mehhh

      oh and WoW.. lol It's a computer game called World of Warcraft! lol little dorky of me..

    2. Well, at least you know how to hem your jeans. I need to learn how. Thanks for the house info link. I am sure my son will love to do that together.

      Hope you won't catch bad germs. Remember to drink lots of fluid. Even if you don't catch it, plenty of fluid will only help in better ways. :)

      I see now, what the game's name is. I usually play candy saga when I wait outside for my son to finish Kumon at Kumon Center. It takes forever like more than 1.5 hours!! Drove me crazy. Playing games help me forget that I was waiting. Never dorky. We, moms, need break once awhile to set our minds free.

  2. You are such a wonderful mom! I love that house you are creating for her. It is so fantastic! And those skirts! Just the sweetest.

    I love the mugs she made you guys. They are lovely. And your lunches look delicious. She is one lucky little girl!

    The Artisan Sweatercoat looks amazing on you. So classy.

    Love this post!