Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heath Button Boots

So.. finally I did something to make this right.

Most of the people who bought Heath Button Boots by  said the color is off.

I agree. It looked like yellow-ish brown. I wanted them to be darker brown and as beautiful as the website photo.

I tried to apply some leather cream on them.. (LEXOL)

but didn't change much.

I used KIWI Boot Protector spray from target (I used it to my other boots before)

Outside, looked like this ( After spraying all over + dry x 3times)

When you spray on boots, it gets darker/stained but when they dry, they'd look like this.

What do you think??

OOTD from shopping score!

AG Ferrah Skinny Jeans (sim here and here)


  1. You are awesome Keiko! The boots turned out great! And your legs... You should be a model!


    1. Ha Ha! The mirror makes me look skinny lol