Monday, July 21, 2014

Recent Outfits Ashbury Maxi Dress review

Howdy, ladies and gentlemen! 

It's been weird weather in California! It almost feels like Autumn is here already! Here are my recent outfits <3

J Crew Polka Dot shirt
Vintage Red Leather Purse (Etsy) 
Rosegold Hanna Wedge Sandal 

I love this polka dot shirt I bought last year! If you take a close look at it, you'll see why it's special :)

Taupe-Tied Booties

wait.. this gorgeous Ashbury Maxi Dress is $29.95 now!? wow if you could find it anywhere, you are so lucky!! I am wearing size S, which is my normal size. It's Polyester, but Dry Clean Only. You could probably wash it home if you could iron it......

It's soft, light, and airy. The buttons on the neck are cute details too. It has no lining, so I wore half slip (here, here, here, and here)  Back is little longer than front as you can see. 

Here, I am posting this photo again, because I took some fabric close up photos for you! It's silk, omg.. it's worth every penny. This is a keeper!! I am wearing XS/S, I'd say TTS. Check my last post for more detail. 

When you open up the wings(?) it's a bit disappointing. Well, no reason to be disappointed, but I don't know... I was amazed how this Estrella Maxi Dress is made.  Basically, it's two silk scarves attached together. I may be make a dress like this???

Well, since I was into this game World of Warcraft so much.. I want to share some of my WoW addiction on my blog. I wasn't just killing stuff in the game.. You'll the next post@!

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