Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tidal Maxi Dress review and OOTD

So.. I fell love in this Tidal Maxi Dress when I saw it in the store, and later that night, I saw it online and loved even more!

I had to go back to the store and try it on.

And I did!! 

Here is my review.

Tidal Maxi Dress $148 TTS, I was trying size S, the dress is super comfy and feels great. Looks lovely. I am 5'7" and the length was perfect. I could go down to XS, I'll try XS next time!

BUT.... look at the second picture! That is what's going to happen after couple wear! This was in the store... you know... It reminded me of the Fractal Medallion Maxi that I loved. I really really really loved the pattern on the maxi but I couldn't wear the dress after one season..

And I noticed that the prints on the dress position looked pretty same on the other dresses, but color of the dress looked different, just like the first Anthro site photo. There were lighter version, and yellowish version. And seemed like lighter version has less pilling. Why is that? What was going on?? I don't know... Oh and I guess if you take a closer look, the tie dye looks different on the right and the left!?

I was so going to buy the dress full price but with the pilling, I'd wait for sale, and I might not even buy it...
Maybe the lighter version, if I find it in my size next time in the store!

And what I wore today!?

Tomato Picking Skirt (bought in 2011), 
Havaiana Flip Flops (here and here)

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