Thursday, July 31, 2014

World of Warcraft Shaman Mail Transmog

Hehe... here is my WoW addiction memories!

I can not explain how addicting the game is. I used to play this game before Miley was born and I started to play it again since she is in school. Now I quit again, but I know I will play it someday in the future.

I am not a game person, though.. My husband tried to introduce me to some other games but this was the only game I liked. (Yes, he got me into this first!)

What I liked the most about being addicted WOW was... I did not care about shopping! I've saved so much money while I was playing it... though... my husband says it's not "saving". LOL

Anyways, here is my beloved troll shaman <3

Well... I spent so much "gold" while I wasn't using much "dollars". :)
Which "outfit" do you like the most?

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