Monday, October 6, 2014

Review Part 3! Derry Jacket, Shawled Wool Sweater Coat, Maija Cocoon Cardigan, Plaid Peasant Top, Risen Sun Sweater Dress S, Tonal Tides Cardigan

Review Part 3!! WEEEEE!! It was pretty good markdown today!  Lots of 2nd cuts! I knew it!! I knew it!!
My MUST HAVE items didn't get any cuts though..  I ordered some 2nd cuts dresses, and two racks online last night, and I went in the store to check out some more new arrivals :) Did you score anything good??

Plaid Peasant Top $88
I saw this top on a SA the other day and I've wanted to try it on! It's cozy and so cute! It's more of a Free People piece than Anthro I think.
I tried on XS since they didn't have any more S. It still fits me, but I'd prefer S for longer length.

Shawled Wool Sweater Coat $198
Tried on my regular size S, Moss. WOW! This is LOVE! It's simple, but I can imagine wearing this a lot with different outfits. Its probably not warm enough for snow, but perfect for cold morning in Fall! I didn't like the color, though.. I wish they had more colors, like red, navy... If not, I'll buy one in Ivory.

Materials and feels of this coat is just like the Kirklees Sweater Coat I have.  I'd totally go for the sale price. And hope it'll have 20%off or something around Thanksgiving <3

And tadaaa!! Tonal Tides Cardigan went sale today! I was so excited that I ordered both color ways last night.. Shipping fee was nearly $15. wooow... how many lattes do I have to give up this time??

Tonal Tides Cardigan $118 $59.95
I am wearing size S, TTS Light weight summer cardi. I didn't see any moss,pink motif in store, but I've seen it before and I ordered it, so you'll see it on me someday!
The color of this cardigan is.. just.. so.. PRETTY!!

Next, I like cocoon cardi, so I wanted to try it on..

Maija Cocoon Cardigan $128
I am wearing size S. Ummm...  I like the way I look from the side but not from front.
I don't know what I was looking for, but I already have  Fringed Jacquard Cardigan, so this is a pass for me.


Risen Sun Sweater Dress $148
Today, I tried on size S. See, it's huge! Maybe it's the style, but I am not loving it. The slip is the right size, though.. What do you think?? Check out the size XS review here.

Derry Jacket $148
Wearing size S, I could probably go down XS since it's roomy, but I like the way it looks when I zip the jacket. So, I'd say TTS. If you are pregnant, this is perfect jacket! Lots of room around tummy!

I actually really liked this jacket, it was very warm and soft. I might get it on 1st cut!

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Lately, I feel like a day is too short. I need more than 24 hours a day!!
I have a lot going on in my head right now..

My daughter and I are into Skulpey these days. I am so ready to make beads and new jewelry! Maybe I will reopen my etsy store!

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  1. You guessed it right!! I ordered Tonal Tides Cardigan from NYC store today. Couldn't find petite xs, so went with regular instead. Fingers crossed that length will be ok. I also like Shawled Wool Cardigan, Looks very cozy. Too bad that I don't live in Oregon anymore, otherwise, I would be wanting Plaid Peasant Top. Risen Sun Sweater Dress is huge! I am definitely too small for it, so it's a no for me. Wish length is shorter for that dress. Derry Jacket is also wide, too. Not for my taste. Thanks a lot for the reviews!! I looked up for sculpey. Many people's creations look so cute. I saw people made them into earrings! I used to be crazy with rainbow loom, made all kinds of figures. Like you, wish we have more time. Sculpey sounds fun though, since I can bake it while I am baking cake or cookies. I love to bake desserts. Anything bake related get me hooked. =)