Thursday, October 23, 2014

What I kept and not kept

Happy Friday!

When my daughter started her first grade, I was so worried and sad how I can handle being away from my sweet sweet girl for such a long time!

Now, I am pretty okay with her staying at school until 2:20pm 4 days a week. I am actually loving that I have more time for myself, and enjoy going to have latte or have lunch with my husband without her. I was surprised we could actually "have conversation". lol

Every Friday morning, after I send my daughter to school, I feel relieved. I don't have to wake her up in the morning for 2 days. Phew! Maybe it gets better when the summer time is over..
Is it just me? or is morning intense time for every moms!?

Anyways, I believe everyone knows that Anthropologie is having extra 25%off sale items. Including price adjustment I've received, these are what I got this month!!

I ordered both color but I only kept the pink one. I am hoping to get the blue one for 2nd cut or further cuts since it's more of a summer piece! It's getting cool here, in CA and I don't feel like shopping summer clothes anymore!

Did I just say I don't feel like buying summer clothes? Yes! but I bought all three colors of Matepe Dress. Online review says to size down, but I bought my normal size S and I love how it looks on me!
I bought all three.... because, they are great price! and washable, and easy to dress! Plus, with accessory, such as scarf, and boots, and a jacket or cardigan over, this dress can be worn in fall in CA!! And the colors aren't so summery, are they?

When I can't pick one color, I just order all of them, and return the one I don't admire. But this time, I just couldn't pick one, so I had to have them all!! Even my daughter told me to keep everything!

And guess what!?

I bought a new pair of boots from Free People last month.

I paid...

full price!! ..oh.. maybe not? I used my bday coupon!!

But I've wanted these boots over 2 years, I think.. and I still wanted them!! SO, why not!!

I still haven't worn them out yet.. Once I have them in my closet, I am happy.. but hopefully, I can wear them soon and share my outfit on my blog!! These boots are FABULOUS!!!!!!!

Leather is suede-ish, very soft, and fits TTS!

I have couple outfits photos here :)

Excuse me for the mess in the back... I was packing!! 

My house searching is over... for now...

We ended up not buying a house right now, and moving to... San Diego!!
Well it's a long story... We might buy a house there, but we are hoping to buy a house in Marin County or Lake Oswego, OR in couple years. 

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