Saturday, October 18, 2014

wow! I won!

Happy Friday, boys and girls!

oh wait.. it's Saturday already?? Aweee!

It's been super busy these days.. 24 hours a day doesn't seem enough to me right now! CA is getting chilly and finally feel like fall is here! I took some coats and boots out of box last month but I need full winter gears out! I can't stand cold weather!!

We've been searching a perfect house and since houses here are super expensive, we are considering Lake Oswego, OR area.. Does anyone know anything about the area?? I heard it rains 98% of the year and winter is cold... and long... and depressing.. but it's safe beautiful place.. 

It rained couple days ago here and it was already depressing for me.. so maybe it's not a good idea moving there huh... but what if I had a huge house?? Maybe not so much??

Anyways, back to the title!! YES I did win!! Remember I was talking about sweeptakes 10k shopping spree?? I really thought I'd win that but nahh I didn't win that one.. lol 

I won Jenni's blog Giveaway!!! YEEHAAAAAAAAW!! I can't believe it!! When she sent me email, I was helping my daughter in the bathroom.. umm..

What am I gonna buy!? There are couple things I have been eyeing but they are pretty new, but maybe some will make it to sale this coming Monday!! 

First Frost Vest $168 and Anstice Tunic Dress $138 This set is sooooo cute!! I want both of them so bad. Really, really really cute!!!!

Mesilla Jacquard Coat $188 Did I tell you how cold is in the morning!? I saw this coat? more like a cardigan, and yes, I have something like this but this one covers my butt! and have hoodie! I WANT IT!

 I can't find this on their site either!! It's a sweater coat. I am craving nice warm coat right now!

Stitched Jali Coat $298 It's pricey.. yeah.. it's by Tracy Reese so it makes sense.. maybe.
This year, I am looking for simple coat. No pattern, something I can pair with my unique design dresses! This coat is fabulous!!!

Sigh.. I have so many things I want... 

Oh I almost forgot to tell you, I bought Uniqlo Light Weight Down Jacket yesterday!! with my hubby's card... I bought it with my daughter's, so yeah you know.. it's okay to spend his card.. And I needed it to wear in the morning! 

I hope these will keep us warm in the morning.....

Thank you again, Jenni!! I will let you know what I buy with the giftcard!! 


  1. Congrats on winning gift card! I love the anthro store photos. Feel like going to store again. The good old days... Before moving to SE, we lived in Portland for 8-9 years. My son was born there. Lake Oswego is one of more expensive housing areas in Portland. It has nice scenery with tall evergreen trees and the lake. Like you suggested, It's mostly cold and wet in fall, winter and spring. Winter gets to snow sometimes, mostly in beginning of year, but sometimes in Christmas :). Portland and Seattle weather are very similar. We loved living in Portland. If it's not for job, I'd rather stay in NW. Summer is super super nice there. Lots of activities, parades, farmers markets to go to, etc.. Beach is just 2 hours away, and hiking is just 30 minutes away to east of Portland (lots of falls nearby). People are friendly, and they LOVE dogs, cats and other animals! :) Portland has a lot of different interesting neighborhoods with their own special characters. I loved to visit different areas, and biking around (super biking friendly city, too!). There are two Anthro stores. The one in Bridgeport (a open door shopping mall) is close to Lake Oswego. You won't even need to get on freeway. If you love wine, there are many many wineries and vineyards in Willamette Valley to visit. I loved to visit vineyards, and they are close by Portland. Many cute little towns around the valley, too. My favorite is McMinnville. Nearby, there's Evergreen Aviation Museum, which has indoor water park (water wave and slide from airplane which sits on top of building). If you have other questions, I would love to help if I can. :)

    1. Thank you for the info!!

      It is so hard to find a new home.. especially when you have a kid!! We want out girl to go to a public school, and the school she goes to now.... is AMAZING, it's so hard to find better one!! but to find a house here.. is 2 times more than Lake Oswego... Houses there are big and beautiful.. from what I see in the photos. Town looks pretty nice, too. and heard the school there are good as well.

      It's just... I am not sure if we can handle the weather.. We don't drink, we don't go to the beach, we like hanging out, going out at restaurants, but it might change when we have a house.. I know I hate cold weather, though...

      Yeah, I checked Anthro's location near Lake Oswego and I was so happy to find the store is so close!! LOL And heard there are Japanese grocery store close by.

      Tomorrow is Sunday. We are gonna go check Open Houses again. We shall see...

    2. Good luck with house hunting! Weather is not that bad. I always had my Ice Breaker (a local store, I got mine from their outlet in Woodburn, which is also not too far away on freeway) underneath most of time, and pair of warm wool socks with boots (I loved my Costco wool screw socks). I was all good. I am prone to catching colds. Yup, Uwajimaya is in Beaverton, and very close by after getting on freeway. Portland has lots of different restaurants to try out! There's also H Mart, a Korean grocery, with little food court (Korean food) in Tigard, and Tigard is also very close to Lake Oswego. Yes, public schools are nice there. My son went to public school in Bridlemile, and parents were very nice. I liked it. After moving here, we have no choice, by sending our son to private school. It's exciting!

    3. Yeah that sounds amazing to me. I found a house I like today but hubby doesnt like it as much. poop..
      He has his company in La Jolla, near San Diego, and thats another place we might move. Hubby doesnt wanna move there but for his work, we might have to. It's soooo much to think! I just want a house that I can settle! and buy bunch of Anthro Home Goods!! LOL

  2. So happy you won! : ). And thank you for the shoutout. I love the pictures of the Anthropologie store, too! I tried on that Jaquard Sweatercoat and it is so gorgeous! I have something like it all ready, too, so I am waiting for sale. But I love it! There are so many items in the store right now that are not online yet. I want to do reviews but thereisnothing to link to. I was hoping for a sale, too. Too bad, hopefully next week! : )

    My husband is from Oregon. I think it is beautiful. I like the rain, though. His family refuses to go anywhere on sunny days because they want to spend them outside in the sun and not indoors. They get very tired of the cold. My husband and his brother love it, though. I love downtown Portland. The food is very organic. There is the best bookstore there called Powell's. The Children's Museum is amazing. If you hate cold weather Keiko, I would really think about it. It gets cold there. My brother-in-law sends his kid to private school. My other sister-in-law is in Beaverton and is not happy with her daughter's school. I have no idea about the schools, just what I hear from my husband's family. I hope you settle on the perfect location for you guys! La Jolla is beautiful, but expensive. Good news: Anthropologies everywhere! : )


    1. I shop online a lot but I like being able to return in store, so yeah being close to Anthro is a must lol
      I really love the house we saw today.. it' up to my hubby now... We'll see...

      Thank you for the info!

  3. I wanted to add that I looked up the schools and they look good. I would research their test scores but their high school looks great!