Friday, January 16, 2015

Almost ready..

Hello everyone! I hope someone is reading this blog still!!

Guess what..

I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

When we moved here a month and a half ago, (wow it's been almost 2 months!?) it was cold.. Day time in the sun is hot, but night time is cold, and we had hard time adjusting it.  And we did not have heater on.. we couldn't figure out how to turn on the gas heater.. we were sick for about a month since we moved here. It was bad.

But weather is nice now, and my daughter and I love going to the beach! (Not to surf, just to play on sand..) It's only 10 minutes walk from where we live now!

My daughter started her new school this month, and I love the view by the shore every morning and afternoon! I don't have to make her lunch anymore, thanks to the awesome hot lunch that the school offers, so I have extra time to get ready and leave little earlier for her school. Stress free morning!! That's the BEST!

So.. I am almost set. I have my own time while she is at school. I can get back on the shopping and blogging, right!???

How have you been!??


  1. Hi Keiko! Happy New Year! Glad you're back :)

  2. I was so happy that you dropped by my blog, and now I'm even happier to see you're back! Hope you're adjusting well to your new home. Looking forward to seeing how you rock you new looks!

    <3 Liz

    1. :) I finally have time for myself now! I love your blog! SO much inspirations <3

      my OOTD will be back probably next week... since I am having baaaaaaaaaad cramps right

  3. Not having to pack lunch in the morning and living so close to beach and La Jolla is sooo nice. I have to think about what to pack for lunch over weekend, plus need to go help running experiments at my husband's lab while my son goes to school everyday is not fun. I get stressed out easily these days. Luckily, I still can read your blog to get "de-stress" sometimes. We don't even have Anthro store, or Banana Repbulic, etc. in town. Yesterday, I just found out that they are closing Gap for good at our local mall. Unbelievable.

    1. Reading your comment reminded me to order Miley's next week's lunch. Thank you lol
      I am glad I can de-stress you through this blog! No store around you huh.. you can still online shop!!! I'll keep posting goodies!!