Friday, January 30, 2015

Coclico Halette Wedge Booties Review

Last time I wore kimono cardi, I felt I needed new black short booties. So I searched internet, and lucky me, I found CUSP had exta saving up to 70% off, and that was the last day they had the promotion!

I found this beautiful Coclico Halette Wedge Booties originally $450 was marked down to $151.50 that day!

And they had just one pair left, and they happened to be my size, 38. 

So I had to order those beauty. I had super high hope. I love Chie Mihara shoes and I heard Coclico was as good as Chie's. 

I received them yesterday. CUSP offered me free shipping, and it arrived in two days! That was amazing. 

I tried them on..

They are...


small..... and narrow..

Coclico shoes runs small? 

I didn't know. 

Now they are not offering the promotion and price is little higher, $202. They have size 39. 

I could probably exchange them. 


I just shipped them back today...

I tried those boots on in my house, and they made squeaky sound every time I move. 

The leather in front was rubbing and making the sound.



Was it because they were too small on me? 

I am not sure, but I didn't wanna try again. I didn't pay full price but still, $450 boots have to be perfect, don't they!?


Very disappointed.

Anthropologie carry Coclico, right? Does anyone have them? Do they normally run small? Are they good??

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