Friday, January 23, 2015

Jan 23rd Anthro Review

I'd like to share some reviews I tried today <3

When I went into the sale room, I found this vest, and just wanted to try it on because it was only 30 bucks.. lol I ended up buying it but not sure if I will keep it or not
I am wearing size S/S, it's TTS, maybe too much stuff going on on this vest, but maybe on the right outfit, it'd look cute?

Second, I tried this coat. I am wearing S, I believe it's TTS. It is very soft and cozy, maybe with black long sleeve shirt, it'd look cute. When I was trying it on, I felt I needed long sleeve, so it was a pass, but now I think of it, it might be cute.

 I really wanted to like this long cardigan.  I am wearing S and TTS for me. I think with a button, or broach or something where I am holding, it'd look cute. I am kind of sick of prints, so this gray/black cardi was very attractive, but I didn't purchase it today.

On the other hand, this cocoon cardi was a winner! I am wearing size S, TTS or maybe run a bit small around arm? In the other color was fine, but this cream felt a bit snug for me. Back shoulder part feels little weird, but imagine wearing this with a belt, and jeans. 
I had been eyeing on this cardi since I saw it in the store a while ago, I finally bought it! (I ordered size M since the store didn't have it), so I will review once I receive the M. I am hoping it'd find perfectly!

Umm.. I like cream color better.. 

 The leather is super soft! Quality is awesome!! I am wearing size S, and felt a little big. And sleeves are too long. I will try XS next time!!

I'd been eyeing on this dress for a while now, and finally tried it on. I am wearing S, TTS, very comfy and cute. I will purchase it on the sale!!

Another one of my must have is this skirt! I am wearing XS, I sized down and just right!! But the length is a little short for me. I am 5'7. I will try S next time to see which I like more!

 Yes!! Another beautiful Anthro dress here! I am wearing size S, TTS. It's silk, but hand washable. (I checked the tag) It's super light, and pretty!!!

The last, I found this in the sale room. I am wearing S, maybe a little big? It's a beautiful dress, but I didn't purchase it.. It's light too, but $100 is still too high for me..


  1. I like Deni Cocoon Cardigan on you the most. Have to agree with you that cream looks great on you. Hopefully, size M will work for you, but size S looks very nice on you. It's unique design. Thanks for the reviews. Enjoyed reading your reviews. :)

    1. the size S fit fine everywhere but the arm. Arm was a bit tight although I was just wearing short sleeves. The cocoa in size S was fine, though.. It may shrink, so if M fits me okay, I will keep the M!

  2. Welcome back, Keiko! I've been missing your posts :)
    Thanks for your Anthro reviews: so helpful for us online-shopping-only gals! I adore all 3 dresses you reviewed!

    1. Glad to hear that!!
      I live close to stores but I still online shop.. I used to order online because they were brand new- no one ever tried on, and it was worth paying for shipping.. But now, they ship from stores! Isn't it bummer!?

  3. Thank you for the reviews beautiful! I have the Durango Vest in purple. I wear mine with the Miles of Henley Dress. I know you have one of those, but I cannot remember the color. Maybe it would work?


    1. ohh yeah my dress is kahki. The dress is a bit too long to wear without heels for me.. did you cut yours? I've been thinking how to wear the cardi, I thought I might return, but then with a belt, it might look cool, I don't know. I have to try couple!! It is a cute piece!